Healing Art Yoga and Massage
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We begin with a thorough warm up which heats the muscles and awakens body awareness.
Movements and poses are practiced  to open both body and mind.
We focus on moving in a kind and mindful fashion.
We learn to listen to and respect the body.
Open to all bodies.


Tuesday and Thursday, 9:30 - 11:00 am
Suggested Donation: $15/class or $50/one class/week

Venmo: @helen-Tapper
Paypal: RcTapp@aol.com
Check to 1617 Homestead Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27516

I've participated in Helen's weekly classes for many years now and have always come out of class strengthened physically and emotionally centered. She encourages a unique balance between the physical activity of yoga and the meditative side of the practice. She has a deep understanding of the practice of yoga and a wonderful ability work with a whole class, while still bringing attention to each individual in that class. Her classes are a true gift.
Henry Thomas

Email from a student:

Are you open to my joining you on Monday as well as Thursday? I can appreciate wanting to expand to others the privilege we've enjoyed so many years. Thank you more than words can say for your very special teaching.