Healing Art Yoga and Massage
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Swedish, Foot Reflexology, Medical, Therapeutic
Massage, Yoga and Meditation
Guidance, and support for:

 * Beginners ready to learn the basics or start a home practice.
 * Yoga practitioners looking to work on particular poses or parts of the body, or to incorporate embodiment and Mindfulness techniques.
 * People recovering from injury and illness.
 * Elderly people desiring greater range of movement, freer breath and a more focused mind.
 * Anyone intending to look deeply and truthfully, or wanting to practice being more loving and kind to self and others.

A time for you to get exactly what you need.
Massage, yoga, pranayama, meditation.

90 minute sessions for $100.00
Five 90 minutes sessions for $450.00
Gift certificates available

Swedish Massage: Full-body massage geared to relax and unwind the system.

Foot Reflexology: Deep foot massage which releases and aligns the entire body.

Medical Massage: Body-work targeted at specific medical issues.  Examples include, but are not limited to: carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis,rotator cuff injury, piriformis syndrome/ Sacro-iliac issues/ Sciatica, low back pain, and arthritis.

Therapeutic Massage: Massage in support of a larger therapeutic goal such as rebalancing the nervous system, recovery from surgery, or Mindfulness and awareness.
Meditation instruction and practice to help you develop or deepen your practice.

"When I first contacted Helen for private yoga instruction it was for a specific cause: to work stiffness out of my neck. Although I had been practicing yoga on a weekly basis, I needed to go deeper into the experience and into the practice to get the results I envisioned. After one session with Helen, my neck was much better. After a few sessions, it cleared up significantly to the extent that I completely forgot that it was ever a problem. Moreover, as a result of the yoga practiced under Helen's direction, I benefitted from a greater sense of calm through meditation, a stronger back, deeper breathing contributing to better general health, and an increased sense of well being. The thing I think I loved the most about it is that I felt more centered in my body which feels great!"